vrijdag 1 oktober 2010


This morning I felt I was going to have one of those days that you just know it's gonna be a good day. I had that perfect cup of coffee, my iPod randomly chose 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone and my train had no delays. Or so I thought. There was no train, no announcements and yet a lot of irritated passengers to ask what the fuck was going to ruin my day. Strangely, I did not ask the first person I ran into, the second, third or fourth. No it had to be specifically the seventh, who would inform me that it's all gonna be fine. So why the fuzz about that train and moreover, why didn't I approach that first person?
Well, if I recount my steps, it all comes down to that click. The click that tells you instinctively what you like or not. It's as simple as combining + and -, like creating battery life.
So if an emotional mindstate equals certain energies or electricity, how come we get so afraid that future robots might get smarter than us? And eventually, take over?

I've been watching "The Dog Whisperer" lately. For those who do not know this program, it's all about dog psychology, and it's pretty entertaining too. What's so interesting about this tv-show, is that this Mexican guy is talking about the realness of human beings. And that realness is defined by emotion. Sure, he throws around some shrink jargon like 'calm/submissive energy', but he's still referring those emotions with energy. Suppose this is all true, and moreover, plausible, wouldn't the next step for technology be combining technology with emotion?
Turn it the other way around and we see that emotion is already intertwined with technology. Look at social media; how many times do we use Facebook to express how we feel to others. Or use that Blackberry to ping or text somebody that something has fucking ruined your day. And what about those Mac-freaks that get turned on by simply the design of a single MacBook. And we didn't even mention the use of technology in art yet; cause admit it, art always hits an emotional snare, right?
So why the fear, since we are humanoids already? Why the denial of something that seems freaky and unknown, but in fact already exists?

"It's all gonna be fine? So where is that fucking train?!" I thought. I automatically reach for my phone and posted on Facebook that I was gonna be late because of those damn trains. My iPod randomly chose '99Problems/Points of Authority" by Jay-Z and Linkin Park, which ironically fitted my mood. Finally, the train arrived and I stepped in as I use all of my energy to not get frustrated. And feeling that tension, I pulled out my MacBook to see that I got a reaction on my Facebook-post. It's a friend of mine, who became a friend of mine because, I guess, we clicked. I continued watching 'Alice in Wonderland' and hear the Red Queen yell:"OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!"
I guess we don't need our heads, cause we run on e-motion.

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