woensdag 13 oktober 2010

The Box.

Last week I turned twenty, and as usual when you hit a milestone, you get sentimental about life. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but 16, 18 and 20 are a big deal. So looking back at what I learned and experienced, I found out I moved a lot. So many things I carried around, clothes I folded, stuff I packed and shit that needed to be thrown away. And always that bagage I took with me to my new life. Whenever I see a box, it means something to me and it means 'new'.
Today, another box was presented to me. Not a physical one, but a psychological one; a box that I needed to get out of. Because creative thinking means thinking out of the box and therefore we need to move our claustrofobic ass to another way of thinking. So after some of the teacher's very long stories, we had to watch this.

"I'm sorry, is sitting by the river playing Baroque music hoping to get inspired not 'creative thinking'? Fuck." Well, there went all my ideas, assumptions and expectations. Right in the bin. Shattered because my way of thinking about creative thinking wasn't right. 
"Hold on, assuming this man's definition of creative thinking is right.." My right-eyebrow started to twitch and a feeling in my stomach told me something was off. "Wouldn't excluding other ways of thinking be thinking inside of the box?" 
I noticed a lot of thinking had to be done. So, how can we think outside of the box when we verdict other ways of thinking as basically 'not creative'? Of course, assuming this man's definition is right. I went in complete denial, thinking this man is absolutely not a creative thinker, because in my opinion, creative thinking equals openminded-ness. Therefore listening to other people's ideas and thoughts and accept these. Because these ideas might bring you to other thoughts and ideas. "So screw this!!!"

Somewhere in the distance I heard that man's gloomy voice and a picture of a dinosaur appeared on a sheet of paper in front of me. I wasn't paying attention anymore. Shit, I found myself in a box. Not accepting this guy's opinion, not listening at all to the words coming from another man's thoughts. I sighed. 
"These friggin' boxes.."

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