maandag 30 augustus 2010

Light (Graphic Design - practical)

You can't deny the weather has been shitty lately. And quite frankly, this gloomy weather has got me pissed off. Even the best cup of coffee couldn't get me out of my grey morning mood; artificial light in the classroom eventually did the trick. It actually brought me back to my days in the big NYC where my day started with the NYTimes, a strawberry banana smoothie and the subway. When suddenly my sleepy eye caught this:

You see, whoever this crazy artist was (I mean, what the fuck are you doing in a dark tunnel with subway trains rushing by every 2 minutes?!) his or her work could only be seen when fluorescent lights hit the wall.
Anyone who's thinking "This is some pretty symbolic shit." probably thought the same as the artist. Interesting how thoughts are left in the dark until it finds its way out of your brain and into the light. And consequently, how light creates mood, mood equals emotion and emotion creates art.

By the time I got back to Arnhem I noticed the dark clouds had disappeared, my mood was enlighted and I decided never to underestimate spray paint. Ever. And you shouldn't either cause who knows what graphic design looks like in the light.

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