maandag 6 september 2010


Something about this magic potion distilled from mashed grape skin and seeds, triggers me to start playing video games. I guess this emotion is derived from a memory,  when a dear friend and I, after drinking a fine glass of grappa, decided to screw Easter. Consequently, we ditched the chocolate Easter eggs and went to see "300".
Now I really like this movie, not because of the story. Nay, I really enjoyed this movie because of the bullettime-effects; it really kept the stupid entertainment-level high up in the sky. There's a first time for everything, so I left the cinema mindfucked of the beauty of bullettime.. Secretly I wondered how it would look and feel like when these effects were put into game.
So, it's 2010, I'm randomly looking at Youtube-clips with my brother, and check this out:

                                                                                     Metal Gear Solid: Rising

It's time for me to ditch DJ Hero and get a grappa; I've got some serious slashing to do.


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